YES in Concert

In early August we attended YES in concert at the Paramount Theater downtown.


We arrived downtown hours before the concert started to give us time to go shopping and have dinner. We started at Banana Republic where Kathy did some serious damage getting some new clothes for her new Principal position. Then we hit Victoria's Secret to stock up on unmentionables, and then finally to H&M where we bought nothing, including passing on the sweatshirt shown above. 


For dinner Randy booked a 1,000 point table at the Capital Grille. We ordered salads, lobster mac-n-cheese, and wild mushrooms. The Stoli pineapple martinis were way too good as well.


While waiting for the concert to start, we cooled off with a Shock Top (Kathy) and a Stella (Randy).


The Paramount Theater is a great venue for a concert.

YES was very good, but we failed to understand why the volume has to be so high. Music does not sound better just because it is louder.




We took a break from the concert to buy t-shirts and grab a 24 oz. PBR. When you need a beer bad sometimes you want some bad beer.


I asked Kathy if the ladies restroom was plastered with posters of scantily-glad dudes for the ladies enjoyment. Apparently not.


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