Christmas 2015

This year we spent Christmas in Winter Park. Dede rented a condo in Fraser while we stayed at the Winter Park Mountain Lodge directly across from the Winter Park ski resort.

We skied two days, both Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Mary Jane is still one of our favorite resorts. We ski back and forth between Winter Park and Mary Jane every day, depending on who has the better snow.

On the first run of the day, Kathy led the way and took Randy down a black run named Norwegian (not pictured).

There is Santi, bundled up and resting while on the lift.

Perfect skiing weather, aside from being a bit chilly. 

Each day we take at least two breaks to warm up inside.

Santa was skiing on Christmas day too, despite being up all night delivering presents.

Back at the Fraser condo, Andy, Santi, JP, and Melissa work on a puzzle.

Steve, Andy, and Melissa enjoy some beers with their lap-dogs Boomer and Jessie.

At the WP Mountain Lodge, we convinced the manager to let us park our Yukon in the heated underground parking. The garage was technically being used as storage for current renovations, but our cardkey worked to open the garage door so, hey, we were in.

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