Christmas 2014

We visited the local Christmas Tree lot to search for a great tree. Kathy and JP walk through aisles of trees that were whispering, "pick me!"

We found a nice-looking tree that would fit both in our yard and in our living room.

Our tree appears rather small mounted on top of Moose.

We spent Christmas Eve at Dede's house. Courtney was with us for Christmas Eve and some of Christmas Day. Look at Courtney's very cool hat adorned with lights.

Caught Kathy eating a chocolate truffle.

Go ahead Court...pick one! 

A rather competitive game of Scategories at Dede's house.

Court proudly wears her Hell's Kitchen black jacket we gave her for Christmas. A few days later we embroidered her name under the HK logo.

Ah, the beauty of Christmas morning...the cousins and siblings enjoying each other's company, laughing and playing together. Wait, sorry, I don't have that picture. Here are the kids staring at their smart-phones.

We are blessed.

Randy's gift to Kathy this year was a coffee station...installed in our bedroom. Randy selected the single-cup grind-then-brew coffeemaker and Kathy did the rest. Kathy LOVES projects. She performed a small miracle when she found an Ethan Allen Country Colors TV stand in Cranberry that matched the rest of our bedroom furniture perfectly.

Pictured here is how we originally set up the station. A few days later we removed the bottom shelf to make room for the really-mini-fridge that will hold the half-and-half and a couple beers. Next to the fridge on the bottom shelf will store the bottled water.

Kathy now makes her morning coffee without leaving our bedroom. That begs the question...did Randy give Kathy an in-room coffee station to keep her from leaving the bedroom on weekends? Hmmm...maybe. But this coffee convenience will really payoff for Kathy on weekdays when she has to leave the house at 6:30 AM. No more hiking all the way to the kitchen to get her coffee.

We planned a snowshoeing trip for the weekend after Christmas. We decided to visit Golden Gate Canyon State Park. We stopped at Panera for breakfast prior to heading West. Kathy models the cool bag she received from Dede for Christmas.

We parked at Panorama Point and did the 4.3 mile Raccoon loop. We warmed up (basically went the wrong way) for 0.6 miles round trip, so in total we hiked nearly 5 miles. The weather was cold and the surroundings were beautiful. We layered up and stayed warm all day long. We ate lunch in Moose consisting of Cajun turkey sandwiches, corn nuts, yogurt, banana cream cheesecake, and beer.

Look at this super-cool tree built for resting.

Kathy wears ladies 25" Tubbs snowshoes. They performed very well so Kathy led the way on the entire expedition.

Randy's snowshoes are 36" Red Feather Explorer models. He wears them on the wrong feet for more traction like he did his cowboy boots growing up. Actually, the shoes tracked straighter when worn on opposite feet. No idea why. Three-foot long snowshoes were not seen on any other hikers we encountered.

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