Our Wedding on June 21, 2014
Friday Arrival and Rehearsal Dinner

Our destination wedding spanned three days at beautiful Mueller State Park.


On Friday morning we walked around the campground and took plenty of breaks.


JP went on a hike with two of his Grandparents.


A classic (and often typical) interaction between Randy and JP.


On Friday afternoon we practiced the ceremony. Kathy and JP are making their entrance.


Yes, we goofed around quite a bit.


Kathy proposed that the wedding guests make a "girls soccer" tunnel for us to run through after the ceremony. We decided against that.


As Dede practiced her spiel, she prevented Kathy from accidentally saying "I do" prior to the ceremony.


We practiced the ring exchange, too.


 Our wedding guest list for the rehearsal was limited to one row.


Kathy hugs Randy's cousin Heidi.


Some of the locals dropped by to see what was going on.


After the wedding rehearsal we gathered back at the Ponderosa cabin for some seriously tasty enchiladas. They were prepared by Randy's friend Ann Marie's mother. If you want her contact information, let us know. Randy ordered 7 pans and we barely ate 3. Good news...we had lunch for Saturday!


Betty dishes up some delicious Mexican food.


Lizzi volunteered to help serve.


Look at Nina on the couch!






The enchiladas were cheesy!


Lizzi loved playing with DJ.


"Mess with my sister and I will hunt you down. But welcome to the family!" -Dede


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