Our Wedding on June 21, 2014
Friday Meet and Greet

Jon invoked his survival training to start a fire for the Meet-and-Greet Party. The key? Start small.


The flames are growing and the kids cannot wait to start roasting marshmallows.


Success...and was there ever any doubt? Even at 9,600 feet Jon delivered a heat source.


JP, Lizzi, and Kathy celebrate the end of our first day at Mueller.


Clearly an accident waiting to happen, but everyone involved survived.


Debbie and Renee arrive with their entourage.


While waiting for the campfire to generate coals, the boys figured out a game to play.


Simon having a good time.


We have coals! The roasting activity begins.


 Nina is happy with the s'more she cooked herself.


Wedding guests who camped with us arrived at various times on Friday evening.


Jon helps Nikki's son get rolling on marshmallow roasting.


Grandma holds DJ.


Grandpa helps Simon build a s'more.


Jeff and his kids make s'mores while Randy visits with Todd.






The kids ate s'mores until they could eat no more.


Landon mounts a marshmallow on his fork.


Lila investigates whether geothermal activity far below the surface will be sufficient to roast her marshmallow.


Kathy and Dede enjoying the party.


Alyssa, Evan, Kathy, and Dede.


Lizzi is proud of her roasting skills.


Eva's kids roasting their marshmallows. 


It was a great party!


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