Vintage VW Rally

On the last Sunday in June, Kathy signed up for the Split-Window Syndicate Vintage VW Rally. It turned out to be an all-day affair that started around 9 AM and ended at 5 PM. We started at Larry Miller VW in Lakewood, made 8 rally stops, and finished at the Lowry Beer Garden. Daisy was able to complete the entire rally.

Kathy poses next to her two current restoration projects. She has a nearly fully restored 1974 convertible Beetle (always needs a little something) and her latest restoration project, a 1965 Shasta camper.

Kathy asked me, "If we move, can we ship Daisy?" Of course, we can.


Filled Daisy with gas and began a mini-rally to the starting point way up north in Lakewood.

This is the brand new air-cooled engine that was up for raffle. It was quoted at $5,000. Unfortunately we did not win it. If we had, it would have been promptly offered for sale at $4,500.

It didn't take long for other rally participants to strike up conversations with Kathy after she parked at the starting point.

When you own the nicest convertible at the rally and are wearing proper vintage VW attire, grabbing the attention of others is easy. It helps to be super good-looking, too.

More rally drivers talking to Kathy about Daisy.

Peace and love, baby!



The window decal on this Beetle says, "0-65 in 11 minutes."








This Beetle was from a rough part of town as you can see by the bullet holes.












Kathy said this looks like the student drop-off / pick-up line at DLS.

Kathy is in line to start the rally. Each car and driver went through the service bay to be judged (hopefully just the cars) before being released to start the journey.


Our first stop was to a very cool bar with an outdoor patio and appropriate vintage artwork.

At some rally checkpoints there were tasks to complete to earn extra tickets towards winning the engine. At this stop were were told to photograph the driver playing a game. Kathy chose to play house.

First rally checkpoint and already thirsty. It was really, really hot.


Daisy cooling down before continuing to the next checkpoint.

One rally checkpoint was at a tattoo shop. If you got a tattoo you were awarded 15 additional raffle tickets. Kathy declined. Look at the funny sign on the wall!

We did make one undocumented stop.

Another rally checkpoint was a Inga's Alpine Lounge. Very cool place.

Finally...success. We made it to the Lowry Beer Garden for some much-deserved rest and refreshments.

Daisy looking great at Lowry. She was very tired and hot. Little did she know that we still needed to drive home.


Even at the finish line, Kathy and Daisy drew attention.

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