Las Vegas 2013

In mid-June 2013 we took a 4-day mini-vacation to Las Vegas. We chose a king bed, strip view, 21st floor room at Mandalay Bay. This is the view from our room. 


After we landed, Kathy was ready to get our luggage and hail a taxi to the hotel. Instead, Randy surprised Kathy with a car rental. She kept saying, "No you didn' you didn't." It took us more than 10 minutes to figure out the operation of the convertible top, but when we did, we never drove this Camaro with the top up.


We rode the roller coaster at New York New York. We even waited 20 minutes to get the front car. The ride is really scary! The photos turned out great but we did not make it back in time that evening to buy them.


Anything I say here will pale (pun intended) in comparison to the image. Who is the lucky person in this relationship again? The temperature during our stay ranged from 100 to 118 degrees, so the pool at Mandalay Bay was welcome relief. The $16 Pina Coladas added to our enjoyment until we got the bill.


We reserved Sunday night dinner at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Paris. Hell's Kitchen winner Christina was working there. Kathy had a great filet mignon and Randy had beef wellington. Truly amazing steaks. The mac-n-five-cheese side dish was also fantastic.


On Monday night we dined at Aquanox inside the Venetian. We started with lobster cocktail (amazing) and both chose seafood entrees (of course).


In the center of Aquanox is a wine chilling room that is kept at 62 degrees. Water runs down the wall to chill the hundreds of bottles of wine on display. There is a single table in this room for dining if you care to endure the chill.


After Aquanox we took a short walk outside on the strip and took in the lights, sounds, and warm weather.


Even though we are on vacation, work responsibilities never escape us. 


On our last day we enjoyed a late lunch at Top of the World Restaurant which is located in the Stratosphere. The best dish on the menu is the Lamb Chopped Salad. The very top observation deck is 109 stories above the ground. As you can see, the view is beautiful, and hotels on the strip behind Kathy look great, too.


Our first trip to Las Vegas together was wonderful. The gamblers that we are, we shared a barstool at a single-deck Blackjack table at Paris. Starting with $200, we worked together for about an hour until we had $500. At that point we decided to cash-in our winnings and drive back to Mandalay Bay. And you cannot visit Las Vegas without going to a show, right? We saw Zumanity. We were seated in the 3rd row so we had a great...view. We were lucky to not be sitting in the front row couches or on any isle. If you ever see Zumanity, you will understand why.


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