Thanksgiving 2013

Betty reigns as director and head chef on Pie Wednesday. Betty is seen here instructing her multiple sous-chefs on proper crescent roll preparation. 


Pie Wednesday is a family effort to make sure we have enough pie and bread for the next day. And that must still be true even after we sample a few rolls.


JP removes the skins from the apples while Lizzi acts like...Lizzi.


Everyone needs an apron when cooking, so Randy purchased this one for Dede.


Great picture of the Froths and Betty.


Santi inspects the fruits of our labor. We had two pumpkin pies, one apple pie, and one Pecan pie. There were all really good.


Randy knows the best way to steal a piece of pie before everyone else is to distract one of the good-looking chefs.


Russ made the trip down to enjoy Thanksgiving with us.


Randy carves the two smoked turkeys while JP tries to curb his enthusiasm.


Our Thanksgiving table was beautiful. We used Grandma K's china. 


We all ate one plate too much, as usual. Everything was so delicious.

JP confirms that the apple pie tastes pretty darn good.


Lizzi and Santi leave very little plate space unfilled when dishing up their pie.


Dede made real whipped cream to grace the top of Randy's variety of homemade pies.


What do you do after eating your Thanksgiving meal? You watch football usually. Which is what we did right after we went outside to play Whiffle Ball. Can you believe that? We were borderline comatose from eating too much turkey but we played two innings of Whiffle Ball in the cul-de-sac anyway. Yes, it was really fun.


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