Salt Lake City
Language Immersion Conference

In mid-October Kathy decided to attend a foreign language immersion conference in Salt Lake City. She invited Randy to be her pack-mule and carry her things. Randy had never been to SLC so this was a good opportunity to go.

And yes...this is who I get to sit across from (or next to) every day.


We stayed at the very beautiful 5-diamond Grand America Hotel.

That is an impressive check-in desk.

Our room was equally impressive, even larger than in our home.

The bathroom was first-class. 

Randy claimed the separate vanity as his space.

Kathy worked in the living room area during a conference break.

The hotel is situated not far from downtown SLC.

Great conference party in the evening.


It seemed like everyone attending the conference knew Kathy...or at least about Kathy. 

We learned plenty about the liquor laws in Utah. For example, spirits are metered. Don't even think about ordering a double - it's not allowed. Also, Randy was not allowed to fetch a drink for Kathy. If he did, he would be in possession of two drinks, which is two shots of liquor, which is illegal for one person.

We took one of Kathy's best friends to dinner at Christopher's, a high-end steak house not far from the hotel. It was OK. We agreed that Ruth's Chris would have been better.

On the way back to Denver, we stopped at Wendy's in the SLC airport for a frosty and french fries. It was a very relaxing and informative trip together.

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