Our Second Date

We ended our first date together at 4 PM that Saturday. Randy reluctantly left Kathy's condo and motored home. Smelling like exhaust and frozen yet again, Randy jumped into the shower.

Kathy had another date scheduled for that evening, but decided to send the poor guy an email canceling the encounter. Instead she went to a friend's house to make fajitas.

With his body temperature now back to normal, Randy stepped out of the shower around 6 PM.  It was Saturday night. It was early. He wanted to be one place...with Kathy. But he knew he could not call her. Certainly she already had plans for tonight. She probably even had a date, Randy figured. But maybe she didn't. Maybe she had no plans. So Randy took a chance. He called Kathy two hours after leaving her house and asked if he could see her again...tonight.

Kathy answered Randy's call and told him she was at a friend's house for dinner but would like to see him. Estimating her dinner would be finished by 7 PM, Kathy told Randy to come back to her condo at 8 PM and they would decide what to do. Lottery win for Randy.

After arriving back at Kathy's condo, we quickly decided to go to Morrison for a glass of wine. We parked downtown and started walking, looking into several establishments until deciding on Cafe Prague. We sat at the bar at the two leftmost chairs in the picture below, and shared a bottle of wine.


Having a great conversation together, we watched as the restaurant began to clear out. Not realizing the time, eventually we noticed the only other people at the bar were all wearing chef uniforms.

We had almost finished our bottle of wine when Kathy did the unexpected. She rose from her barstool, turned Randy towards her, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him, right there, in front of everyone. Unforgettable. Unexpected. Unbelievable.

Five minutes later the bartender asked us if we would like to settle the tab. It was only 10 PM on a Saturday night so Randy asked when the restaurant was due to close for the evening. "9 o'clock" the bartender replied. Oh...so that is why those other people at the bar were people wearing chef uniforms...they work here! We could not believe we were still sitting there an hour past closing time. Who closes at 9 PM on a Saturday night? Apparently this place.

Laughing at ourselves for closing a downtown Morrison bar without even trying, we drove back to Kathy's. We put on a movie and fell asleep together on the couch. Around 2 AM we woke each other up from mutual snoring. Both of us realizing that an overnight date was probably not appropriate after knowing each other for only 15 hours, Randy headed home, but he wanted to stay. Kathy wanted Randy to stay. But those feelings were never communicated.

Driving South / East  on C470 near Kipling, Randy was startled when a coyote raced out in front of him in full sprint. Going 70 miles per hour, Randy had no time to react. He hit the coyote. Randy thought to himself, "that is going to be one big dead dog on the road back there."

Finally arriving at his garage and very sleepy now, Randy turned on the garage light to see if there was any damage to his Volvo. There was damage. Plenty of damage. The coyote was dead, but it wasn't laying on C470. The coyote was lodged in the front of the Volvo.

Scroll down to see the photo of the coyote. There is no blood or guts. The coyote looks like a stuffed animal lodged in the lower bumper. However, the position of the coyote is disturbing. The head and the butt are sticking out the front, so the coyote was likely killed instantly from a broken back.








Are you sure you want to see this?









Seriously, if you are easily grossed out, stop scrolling. Again, there is no blood or guts, but the photo is shocking.









This is your last chance.

















It took massive amounts of courage and a garden rake to extract this well-fed coyote from Randy's Volvo. Randy had planned on calling his hunter neighbor Barry over to extract the animal since he was used to being around dead things, but Barry was at church. And extracting the animal was of urgent importance now...Randy's realtor called to say a showing was scheduled for 11 AM on Sunday.

Figuring that potential buyers would probably look unfavorably at a house if there is a dead coyote sticking out of a car in the garage, Randy had two options. One, drive to the nearby full service car wash and tell the attendant to concentrate on the front, or two, pull this big girl out himself. Option two it was, and only because Randy was certain the boys at the car wash would not be amused.

Damage to the Volvo was just over $1,600. The entire front end is one piece. It comes pre-painted and ready to install direct from Volvo. Six days after the incident Randy's car was reestablished and certified as coyote-free.

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