Moving Day 2013

In late June 2013 Kathy took a major step for herself and her two boys and decided that moving in with Randy and being forced to see him every day would not be as bad as it sounded. Kathy's mother, niece, and sister joined us in the fun. 


There was one problem with the truck rental. When randy reserved online, he was not aware that a 4 PM pickup time on Friday meant that the truck had to be returned on Saturday morning at 8 AM. No other trucks were available so we had no choice but to complete an overnight move. Lesson learned is clear:

When reserving rental trucks, call the company and speak to a representative instead of using that Internet thing.


Randy was attached to the dolly for most of the evening. We worked non-stop from 6 PM until about 1 AM. We all had a good night's rest, Randy returned the truck by 8 AM, and then we cleaned Kathy's condo all day Saturday to insure she would receive her entire deposit back. 


Lizzi was so tired from moving that she had to eat her Chipotle like a snake.


On Saturday morning after a long night of carrying boxes into a truck and then again into a garage, Lizzi was a bit spaced out. Our kitty Callie joined Lizzi laying on the floor even though Callie did not help with the move at all.


Thank goodness we have a four-and-a-half car garage. All of Kathy's belongings took up two full spaces. Do you see Kathy and Callie buried back there?


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