Lizzi Visits

In mid July 2013 Kathy's niece Lizzi spent the weekend with us to help organize all the moving boxes in the garage and figure out what to keep and what to set ablaze.


Of course Kathy and Lizzi had to take a break to visit The Barn in Castle Rock. While leaving, Lizzi found a dead snake. So instead of leaving it be like a normal person, Lizzi instead brought the snake home and told Randy she found it in his yard. Not funny!


Lizzi is pretty much up for anything, especially if it involves going fast. While she neglected to bring motorcycle worthy attire on her visit, Randy took her for a ride around the neighborhood anyway.


When deciding where to eat after a long hard day of hauling boxes up and down stairs, Randy and Kathy threw out several options including The Cheesecake Factory. Lizzi said she had never been there, so that made it an easy choice. Here are the ladies having a drink at the bar while waiting for our table. 


In addition to never have eaten at The Cheesecake Factory, Lizzi also mentioned that she had never before tried Filet Mignon. Well, that made choosing an entre easy as well. Lizzi mowed through that fine steak in mere minutes, and then inhaled the big portion of mashed potatoes and onion rings that came with the steak. After also eating a piece of cheesecake for dessert, Lizzi weighed herself when we returned home. She had gained 6 pounds!


On Sunday we took our rent-a-daughter back home. Well actually we dropped her off at some guy's house (boyfriend Wyatt...he is not worthy). On the way there we stopped at Tokyo Joes for some great rice bowls.

It was a very fun weekend and look forward to Lizzi's next visit to our house.


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