Lexus SC430

Towards the end of Summer 2013 Kathy cornered Randy and said,

"If you really loved me, you would buy me a convertible."

OK, that is not exactly how it went down. The problem is we both love car shopping. And we both love toys. Kathy has her camper and Randy has his motorcycle. We started kicking around the idea of getting another toy for Kathy that does not require another vehicle to move it.

We started looking at vintage VW beetle convertibles, then just convertibles in general. Somehow we ended up preferring the Lexus SC430. So we narrowed our search and found them in good supply but expensive. Dealers and private sellers in Denver and the surrounding areas were asking several thousand dollars over NADA retail. Randy and Kathy do not pay retail.


So we extended our search to 500 miles and found a very nice 2004 SC430 in a great color combination in Albuquerque, NM. We worked the deal by telephone and email and convinced the dealer to sell it to us for $1,000 under NADA retail.

We booked a weekend trip to Albuquerque to pick it up.  We flew on Frontier to ABQ and spent Friday evening buying the car and driving it around town. We slept at Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town.


The color is Indigo Ink Metallic and the engine is a 4.3 liter V8.


This SC430 was previously owned in Maryland, Florida, and of course, New Mexico. Now it gets the best home it ever had in Colorado.


It has 41,700 miles which is great for a 10-year-old vehicle.


The brown saddle leather looks great with the blue, don't you think?


Really nice cockpit! The two panels above and below the temperature controls hide the navigation screen and the DVD audio system.


The engine willingly and easily moves you past the speed limit. 80 mph in this car feels like 60. Along with being very powerful, the motor achieves 18 city and 23 highway MPG.


While cruising around Albuquerque, Kathy took us to her house that she owned when living there. "Backs to Open Space" definitely applies. 


We finished the day by enjoying several rounds of New Mexico wines at St. Clair Winery. We discovered three that we loved (the DH Lescombes Limited Release Rendezvous, the Pinot Grigio, and the Pomegranate). So we brought a mixed case home with us.


On our last day we met at the Frontier for breakfast with Kathy's friends Doug and Michelle. The breakfast burritos were so good that Randy ate two...and most of a cinnamon roll that was intended to be shared with Kathy.


And right before we hit I-25 northbound, Kathy drove us to the UNM bookstore to purchase some Lobos gear. It was a great weekend and we plan to return again. Maybe we will buy our camper tow vehicle in Albuquerque, too!





















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