1995 Jeep Wrangler S Rio Grande

Randy had Friday off on a beautiful day and was driving by a Castle Rock dealership when he spotted a super funky bright green Jeep. Kathy would love running around in that! He took her to see it and while she loved the color, the interior and the soft top were not appealing.

The problem is that one event of spotting a Jeep we were not looking for sparked a search for a cool, retro, sharp Jeep that we could have fun with year-around. There are A LOT of Jeep Wranglers for sale. I think once again we found a gem among mountains of stones.

We made a deal to purchase a 1995 (20 years old!) Jeep Wrangler S with a hardtop and the Rio Grande package. This two-owner Colorado-native Jeep has an amazingly low 87,000 miles and the first owner loved and kept it in great shape for nearly 16 years!

We are planning camping trips for next Summer that are near Jeep off-roading trails.





Super cool front bumper and brush guard.

If you think the outside is in great condition for a 1995 model, look at the inside. So retro, so cool! 








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