I Luv U Guys

We enjoyed another first for both of us on September 29, 2013. We rode our motorcycle together in the I Luv U Guys benefit ride. Randy has participated in this ride three times before, but this was the first time he didn't ride alone. For Kathy, it was her first motorcycle rally ever.

The ride starts at Columbine High School in Littleton and travels 45 miles to Platte Canyon High School in Bailey.

Kathy hopped on Miranda and then said to Randy, "How about if I drive and you ride bitch?"

Luckily Kathy changed her mind when Randy reminded her that she does not have her motorcycle endorsement yet and more importantly, Miranda weighs six times as much as Kathy.

Wow...does Kathy look good on a motorcycle or what?  Miranda had a bath the day before so she looked pretty good, too.


The weather was absolutely perfect with temperatures in the upper 70s and sunny skies. This photo gives you a good idea of the participation level for this ride. It is by far one of the most successful fund-raising events that supports initiatives to prevent school violence. 


We had fun walking around before the ride looking at all the different styles of bikes. In addition, people watching does not get any better than at a motorcycle rally.


Kathy poses with Miranda shortly before the ride began. Ride organizers pack us in pretty tightly and even still, the entire Columbine High School parking lot was full.


We are getting pretty good a taking self portraits that look half decent. 


The ride ends at Platte Canyon High School where there is live music and a BBQ. However this year the ride organizers announced that once you arrive in Bailey, no bikes would be allowed to leave PCHS until 2:15 PM. So we decided to eat lunch at Rustic Station in Bailey, the same restaurant we visited on our very first date.


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