How We Met

Kathy purchased a 1982 Viking pop-up camper during the Summer of 2012. On October 27 she took it to Bear Creek Lake Park to practice setting it up and to enjoy the warm Fall weather.

Randy was enjoying the weather that same day on his motorcycle. He rode from Castle Rock to Bear Creek Lake Park. While riding through the campground he noticed a vintage pop-up camper parked in a secluded loop. He rode into the loop and saw a tall, slender, long blonde haired, unbelievably stunning woman setting up her camper by herself. "Wow, she is beautiful" Randy said to himself. His next thought was, "Why is she setting up camp in the day parking area?"

Not having the courage necessary to introduce himself to someone so far out of his league, and she most certainly must already have a boyfriend, Randy rode out of the loop and continued his ride through the park. He was just about to leave when he thought, "Seriously, she is amazingly beautiful. You should go say Hi." So Randy rode back into the loop where she was still setting up her rig. He stopped behind the camper, shut off the bike, and removed his helmet.

Kathy walked around from the front of her camper and approached with a friendly, "Hello there!" Ice was broken. She spoke first! No need for Randy to use his "Are you from Ireland?" line. We managed through some nervous small talk about the warm weather, Kathy's sweet new camper, and Randy's motorcycle. Sensing some mutual attraction, we exchanged email addresses and promised to visit again sometime.

Four days later on Halloween evening, Kathy sent Randy the first email:

I've never ridden a motorcycle, but it definitely sounds fun! I'm a pretty good co-pilot. I also love a good road trip...have you been on any good ones lately? Hope you had a Happy Halloween.

On the morning of November 1, Randy responded to Kathy's email:

Never been on a motorcycle? I would be happy to be your first :) experience on a bike. We can take it easy and cruise around Littleton, maybe you can direct me to some less traveled roads in your area, then have lunch? If you have a leather jacket, gloves, and boots, I can provide the helmet (worn just twice, ex did not care for riding). I am available either Friday from 10 to 12 or Saturday from 11 to 1. Not sure about Sunday yet. With this GREAT weather right now I try to ride as much as possible before the snow starts flying. Think about it and let me know.

Kathy responded an hour later:

That sounds like a blast!! I can do Saturday. I would love to enjoy this great weather and go for a ride. Feel free to call or text so we can figure out where to meet. Thanks and I look forward to the adventure!!

Randy responded less than an hour later:

We could head up 285 through Conifer towards Bailey. This is on the route of the "I Luv U Guys" benefit ride from Columbine to Platte Canyon ( I do that ride every year, but I did miss this year's event unfortunately. Very nice ride through that area. Saturday works great. I will pick you up at 11 AM. Just let me know where you want to meet. We will cruise around your area first to make sure you are comfortable. If you want to chat before we go, feel free to call and ask any questions you have. I will have your helmet unless you already own one or want to buy your own. They cost between $80 and $400 depending on brand and features. Happy to let you borrow a "very cute" pink pattern one for Saturday though.

Kathy replied:

I'm going with your loaner pink helmet, thanks! I don't have one, nor do I own a leather jacket, but I am sure I can figure that part out. I'm pretty resourceful. I like the Columbine to Platte Canyon idea. I love's beautiful. Should I pack food, and if so- likes? Dislikes? If you want you can pick me up at my place. I'll be ready- you can text me when you get here and I can tell you where to park. Would be fun to chat or text before then if we have a chance.

Our first date was planned. A motorcycle ride west on US 285 to Bailey. Stop for lunch in the area, then ride home. We were both very excited to spend some time together.

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