Honeymoon 2014

We continued our Honeymoon in Santa Cruz, CA which is often called the "Boulder of California" and is home to Kathy's alma-mater. For two nights, Kathy put us up in an Airstream travel trailer at the Santa Cruz KOA. What a unique and wonderful surprise this was for Randy.

The Airstream was super cool and super retro on the inside.

The bed was in the back of the trailer.

Kathy took us to Geisha Sushi in Capitola Beach for dinner on the first night. We sat at the sushi bar and quickly learned that our chef was also a UCSC graduate who studied English Literature like Kathy did.

Instead of browsing the menu, Randy asked the chef to just to feed us...basically make whatever he wanted. So he did, and everything was delicious.

The chef also surprised us with a new creation he named the Honeymoon Roll. It is not on the menu and was conceived right there. It is stuffed with raw scallops and topped with King Salmon and three different kinds of roe. Absolutely amazing. It was so good we convinced the chef to write down what he did and add it as a "secret menu" item for when we returned.

While walking around Santa Cruz, we visited some of Kathy's most memorable places. One was the Sea and Sand Inn where she worked in college.

Randy with the Boardwalk in the background.

Steamer Lane Lighthouse along Westcliff Drive. Kathy sometimes took her dog to this beach.

Selfie on the beach. It was windy on the coastline. 

The water was very cold but that did not stop Randy from chasing waves. 

For dinner we drove to Johnny's Harborside restaurant. Views were great from our table as you can see. We watched a fishing boat come in and unload the day's catch into waiting vans.

We dined on super-fresh seafood and chilled Pinot Grigio.

While we were enjoying dinner we noticed a steady stream of cars heading towards the beach. After finishing up at Johnny's we followed everyone else and walked to the beach. We found a beach party and concert going on! A Michael Jackson tribute band was playing and the place was packed. We had a blast partying with a few thousand of our closest new friends in Santa Cruz.

The crowd danced away to Michael Jackson's best hits, which is all of them. The band was coaxed back twice to play more songs.

We met two of Kathy's friends from college for breakfast one morning. Pictured here is Ann and Dan.


This cafe was a common meeting place when these three attended UCSC together


While visiting downtown Santa Cruz we visited several shoe stores. Kathy LOVES shoes.


Kathy likes all things retro, even socks. 


This sock store had thousands of socks to choose from.

While honeymooning we often stopped to remember why we were there.


We took a nice drive to UCSC and visited the Bay Tree Bookstore. That big yellow thing above Kathy is the school mascot, the Banana Slug.

Randy found a "how to" book on dating and by chance opened it to the most appropriate page. This would have been handy in late 2012.

Back in downtown Santa Cruz, Kathy took us to dinner at Pleasure Pizza, another favorite establishment while in college. The special-of-the-day was Bacon Cheeseburger pizza, so Kathy had to try it.  


You may not believe it, but Bacon Cheeseburger pizza, when done right, tastes exactly like a bacon cheeseburger. There are even pickles on this thing and the red sauce you see isn't marinara...that is ketchup!


A Pleasure Pizza customer waits for her to-go order while watching World Cup Soccer. Great pictures in the background.


Randy ordered a Pesto slice and a beer. It was very good, too, but Kathy's slice was the winner.

Kathy took us to Natural Bridges State Beach to cool off a bit as the weather in NorCal for the entire trip was very warm. We named the beautiful rock in the background "Poop Rock" because coastal birds of every type congregated there to "shoot the shit", both figuratively and literally. All that white on the rock is not rock.


A closer look at the inhabitants of Poop Rock.


Natural Bridges State Beach is a beautiful NorCal destination.


Yep, water was really cold...again.


Love that feeling of sand between our toes.

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