Honeymoon 2014

Our last honeymoon destination was Monterey, CA and Kathy kept up the surprises. She booked us on Cannery Row in Monterey at the InterContinental Hotel...right on the coast.

There is Randy driving the Nissan Altima rental.

Our room was very nice with a king bed and balcony.

The view from the balcony was also nice.

We both kept in touch with work obligations while honeymooning. Randy worked at least three hours each day during the trip and Kathy checked her email regularly to make sure school business was progressing in her absence. After the quick email check we headed to the hot tub.

In addition to an ocean view from our room, we also had a nice view of Cannery Row and the hotel entrance.

The hotel had a super-cool gathering area with great ocean views.

Kathy looks over the Cannery Row beach area. 

Cannery Row in Monterey was another beautiful destination hand-picked by Kathy on our honeymoon. 

We visited several unique stores in Monterey. This store sells every flavor of olive oil you can imagine and lets you try everyone of them with free sourdough bread.

For dinner Kathy took Randy to the best restaurant on Cannery Row, appropriately named The Sardine Factory.

Kathy did her research and learned that the place to be and be seen in Monterey is the Sardine Factory.

What do you order for the appetizer course at the Sardine Factory? Sardines, obviously! They were WAY BETTER than the canned variety at your local grocery store.

We visited two wine tasting rooms in Monterey. The highlight was when Randy tasted one of the wines and then proclaimed to the winery representative, "I am getting hot dog on the nose." Yep, Randy told the winery employee that one of their wines smelled like hot dogs. Well it did! And besides, hot dog smells much better than wet dog.

Kathy liked these bar stools made from old wine barrels. Sorry, not for sale.

We discovered The Whole Enchilada farmers market while traveling between Monterey and Santa Cruz so we had to stop in for a look.


Great selection of sea shells for sale.

Need a starfish? No problem.

We purchased a carton of these amazing strawberries and enjoyed them in our room at the InterContinental. 

This is why you live in NorCal. Can you imagine having access to fruits and vegetables this fresh and inexpensive?


Look at these...doughnut peaches! They look like doughnuts but still taste like peaches we assumed.

The artichokes were beautiful and probably rather tasty.


And speaking of tasty, if you are craving salt and vinegar crickets, they have them.  


No visit to NorCal is complete without seeing Big Sur...and getting poison oak as Kathy did.


We had a great time hiking around Big Sur and Kathy took a lot of pictures, far too many to post here. We both want to camp in one of the Big Sur campgrounds one day.


Beautiful redwood trees in Big Sur.


Look at that amazing campground.


We visited Carmel and on our way to the beach Kathy spotted this VW Thing. How cool is this?


Kathy looking great on Carmel by the Sea beach.


Look at that blue sky and long, beautiful beach.


Along the beach we saw piles of seaweed preserved to a rubber consistency by the salt water.

We paid $10 to take the 17 Mile Drive tour near Pebble Beach.

The Lone Cypress is a popular stop along the 17 Mile Drive. This tree has been growing for 250 years. It has endured hundreds of strong Pacific storms. Today it is secured with a retaining wall and cables in hopes that it survives another 50 years.

Randy imagines that the other trees a few yards from the Lone Cypress are screaming, "Hey, why does that guy get all the attention?"

Cool selfie with the Lone Cypress in the background.

We enjoyed an amazing, beautiful, and most of all, relaxing Honeymoon. We know this was not our last visit to Northern California...or our last Honeymoon together either.

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