Our First Date

Our first date together was on November 3, 2012. It was a partly cloudy and cool day. We agreed to take a motorcycle ride from Ken Caryl to Bailey which is about 70 miles round-trip.  We were hoping for warmer weather, but the mid 50's would have to do.

The nice thing about a motorcycle date is the passenger has no choice but to hang on to the driver, and this is best accomplished with a persistent hug. Very clever on Randy's part to suggest a motorcycle ride for a first date, yes?

We rode around Littleton so Kathy could be sure she was ready for the ride. She had never been on a motorcycle before, and here she was trusting a stranger to take her into the mountains! Well, Kathy did not act like she had never been on a motorcycle before. She was a natural.

With Kathy giving the OK, Randy merged onto C470 towards 285, through Conifer, and finally to Bailey. The closer we got to Bailey, the colder it became. When we arrived at our lunch destination, Kathy claimed she was not really cold, except for her nose. Randy was frozen from head to toe, mostly due to the fact that Miranda (his motorcycle) does not have a windshield.


Walking into the Rustic Station restaurant was a welcome pause from the cold air. We sat in a comfortable booth next to a window that looked out onto 285. No surprise that we both ordered soup. Kathy decided on corn chowder while Randy chose venison stew. Kathy's chowder arrived lukewarm so she sent it back for reheating. Both soups were delicious and we enjoyed the time to learn more about each other.

After a great lunch, we hopped back on the bike and made our way back to Ken Caryl. By some strange weather phenomenon we had a cold headwind both ways.


After making it back safely to Kathy's residence, she invited Randy in for some hot tea since he had once again become frozen from the neck down. We sat together on her incredibly uncomfortable couch and continued our conversation from lunch.

Oh, look at the time! Randy had suggested that the motorcycle ride would take about two hours, so he planned on monopolizing Kathy's time only from 11 AM to 1 PM. Not a chance. Instead, the date lasted a full 5 hours. Randy did not leave Kathy's residence until 4 PM.

It was an amazing first date. We learned so much about each other in only 5 hours time. When we first met at Bear Creek Lake Park, we sensed something special was happening between us. Our first date was no different. Everything was easy. The conversation flowed. No anxiety. We felt like we had known each other for years. Yes, that's crazy, we know it. But that's how it happened.

Our first date ended with our first kiss. An amazing end to an amazing first.



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