1974 VW Beetle - Daisy

In the Fall of 2013, Kathy cornered Randy (again) and said,

"Buy me more convertibles!"

Maybe that is not exactly what Kathy said, but we knew it was possible that if we parked the cars just right, there was room in the garage for a 5th car, so we decided to get Kathy a toy (Randy has Miranda so it is only fair, right?).

We looked on Craig's List for a vintage VW beetle in great condition, already restored, with zero known mechanical problems (because we all know how much Randy enjoys working on cars). Eventually we found this super nice 1974 Karmann edition Beetle in Kathy's first color choice, Sunshine Yellow. The previous owner named her Daisy.


Kathy dressed herself in the most hippie outfit she could find, then we drove to a remote cul-de-sac in our development to take some pictures.


While attending college in New Hampshire, Kathy took this picture of her 1974 red VW Beetle in January 1989.


If the trunk is in the front is it still called a trunk?


Kathy added a very cool picnic basket to her bug.


Kathy fits perfectly in Daisy and even has to move the seat forward to reach the pedals comfortably. Randy cannot drive Daisy because the steering wheel is too big so his legs do not fit very well which makes clutch operation difficult. But that is OK. Kathy drives Daisy and Randy rides Miranda.



Daisy is completely restored and even has a new convertible top.

Here are a few pictures of Daisy right after her bath.

You should see the smile on Kathy's face every time she drives her.


The chrome exhaust are beautiful and the bug itself is all original. The familiar VW engine chirp is prevalent.




The engine was completely rebuilt about 3000 miles ago. The odometer read 44,000 miles when we purchased her the week of Halloween 2013. That is obviously not the original mileage. The engine is very clean and does not leak any oil. The floor pans are new and the entire undercarriage has been protected with a black rust-proofing system.


It is a beautiful, well restored, excellent condition beetle that Kathy will own for a very long time...or at least until she doesn't smile anymore when driving it. 


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