Cruise 2013

To celebrate the Christmas 2013 season we spent 2 1/2 days in Florida and 7 days on the Celebrity Reflection cruise ship.  The next several pages detail each major adventure of our 10-day vacation.

We arrived in Florida at Randy's parent's house in The Villages on Christmas Eve. We found out that one of the busiest days at Disney World is Christmas day, so we decided Sea World Orlando would be the more enjoyable experience. We were right!


After getting wet on the Journey to Atlantis ride, we stepped inside the family dryer.  


Front row is JP and Santi. Second row is Kathy and Randy. Doesn't Randy look so scared next to Kathy screaming? Third row is Mom and Dad.


Santi and JP get ready to ride Manta, a super cool ride where you fly head first like a swimming manta-ray.


We loved riding Manta. The head-first position made for a unique experience.


Kraken is another super fun coaster at Sea World. JP's expression tells the story.


JP feeds the seals sardines while Santi look on. Randy asked the clerk if he could eat the sardines instead. She said that was not recommended.


JP and Santi check out an ugly green eel.


Santi and JP freeze while enjoying the penguin exhibit.


It was so cold in the penguin exhibit that JP needed to borrow Grandpa Ben's jacket. When you have no fat and no fur, that happens. Santi was able to tough it out.


We did the penguin exhibit twice, this time with Grandma Karen, too. 


The food at Sea World is pretty good. We had lunch at a BBQ establishment.

Santi and JP swim in the aquarium...sort of.


Super cool octopus.


Hanging with the flamingos.


Mom and Dad hosted a tacky outfit / Christmas attire party one evening.


Kathy really tries hard to look tacky but fails every time. Randy problem.


Randy drank a Michelob Ultra because it was the only beer Dad had in the fridge. JP ate way too many snacks during the evening.


Don, Dottie, and Santi hanging at the party.


Yes, we had tacky gifts, too. Santi prepares to inflate a whoopee cushion.


JP doing...I have no idea.


We noticed later in the evening that something was strange about JP.


Ah yes...tacky food, too. Look at that delicious surf and turf (fish sticks and corn dogs) and super yummy green jello with bananas. 


While touring the Villages with Mom and Dad, we stopped in at the golf cart store. 


Santi and Grandma Karen check out the carts.


We had lunch at World of Beers.


Dottie let Santi drive her new Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 home from lunch. Randy said "No" but Dottie did not listen. 


That is one sweet Benz.


Mom and Dad took us to the Eisenhower Recreation Center in The Villages. It is a museum first, rec center second. Very nice inside.


Yes, this is how a typical rec center looks when you enter the foyer.


Most of the artifacts in the rec center were donated by residents of The Villages. Kathy and JP look at all the historical images that are mostly related to wars. 


Santi checks out a very famous photo.


The boys played some ping pong after they had seen everything. Such a cool place.


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