Mt. Princeton - September

For Labor Day 2013 we visited Mt. Princeton campground, one of Kathy's favorites. It was our chance to take our new-to-us 2003 Toyota Sequoia on it's first camping trip with us.


We had site 3 which is great. Nice big site with plenty of tent pad space.


Behind the site is very wooded and leads to a river that provides constant water rushing white noise.


Since it rains almost every day, we erected Kathy's EZ-up shelter so we could sit outside no matter what the weather.


Santi and JP claim to be REAL campers so they slept in a tent instead of the pop-up.


Very pretty river runs barely 25 yards from the campsite.


During our trip Dede joined us with Lizzi and three of her friends. Here we are playing Randy's least favorite game EVER...Banana Grams.


When Lizzi's friends were bored or hungry, they invaded the camper hoping we would get the hint to get some food cooking.


The river provided plenty of entertainment for the kids.


Fearless 15 year old girls.


Here are Lizzi's three friends with JP photo-bombing.


While we were sitting outside enjoying some beers, we were visited by a real cowboy. Dede loves cowboys.


His horse was a little hot so the tough cowboy tied her up under a tree and had a beer with us.


Real cowboys are armed. He had both a pistol and a rifle.


One morning Santi and JP made pancakes. Here is how the conversation went:

Santi: "Look JuanPa, here is the pancake batter I made. I added some finely chopped broccoli and carrots for nutritional enhancement."

JP: "There is no way I am eating that."


Santi: "Oh, you will like it. Let's pour some out and see how it looks."


Santi: "Oh, yeah, that is a little lumpy."


JP: "I need to adjust the heat on my side to make sure my pancake cooks all the way."


Kathy cooked eggs inside the Brussel Sprout.


Randy grilled bacon on the picnic table. Yeah...grilled bacon. The key is LOW heat.


This is what happens when I say, "Hey JP, try to stick your head in the ice-cold water."


And so he did it.


Then I said, "Hey JP, stick your finger in your nose."


JP hugs his Aunt Dede while Kathy lays out wet towels.


For dinner one night we had steaks. This was a BIG hunka-hunka meat that Randy cooked perfectly. We sliced and gave the kids this massive sirloin and then grilled rib-eyes for the adults.

We had a GREAT time at Mt. Princeton and I am sure we will be back.


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