1965 Aristocrat Land Commander

On a late Saturday evening in mid-January, Kathy was browsing craigslist before calling it a day. Suddenly with great excitement, she exclaimed, "Randy, look at this!" Kathy had found a 1965 Aristocrat Land Commander camper for sale that appeared to be in very good condition for a 50-year-old unit. The asking price was one-third of market for campers this old in this condition.

"I am going to text them now, and they just posted it 16 minutes ago." Kathy said.

Realizing it was after 11 PM, Randy said, "Honey, it's rather late, why not wait until morning?"

"No, I need to text them right now." said Kathy

Kathy heard back from the seller Julie within a few minutes of her text. Julie indicated that she was already getting multiple inquiries but Kathy was the first to respond. Kathy and Julie set up a time to see the camper at 9 AM on Sunday morning...in Westminster. Why aren't things we are interested in for sale in Sedalia?

Randy hit three different ATMs on Sunday morning withdrawing as much as he could before the bank suspected identity theft. We finally arrived to see the camper and met Darrin and Julie, and we became instant friends. They purchased this camper from the original owner and had kept it as theirs for the last 22 years. A two-family ownership history is very rare in the vintage camper market.

It did not take us long to make a purchase decision. This 1965 camper was in incredible condition. We arranged for Randy pick it up on Monday after work.

Her name is Ginger and she is Kathy's third RV restoration project.

Look at the inside! It needs nothing but cosmetic touches. Kathy will remove the carpet, install a new floor, and replace all the window coverings.

The cushions and upholstery were recently replaced with new materials. Kathy thinks she can work with this color scheme and pattern.

The dinette table lowers to form the base of a bed.

The kitchen has a stove, oven, sink, and old-school ice box! We will NOT replace the ice box with a refrigerator. Too cool to have an ice-box.

A big block of ice sits on the top shelf to keep the rest of the contents cool. As the ice block melts, the water flows into a hose and drips outside of the camper.

Very nice fully-functional 3-burner cooktop and oven.

Trying to find a scratch on something...anything.


The sink drains directly into a pipe on the side of the camper. There is no holding tank but the previous owners gave us a portable grey tank.

A couch by day and a pull-out bed by night.

The previous owners swapped out the original furnace and installed a propane-powered catalytic heater. This awesome unit pumps out some serious heat. What a great feature on an otherwise purely vintage camper.

What would a vintage camper be without an 8-track tape player?

Built-in speakers above the dinette.

This is a self-contained toilet. Randy will promptly remove it and replace it with a brand new, non-self-contained toilet. However, that will also require a new black tank. The previous owner removed the black take when it rusted out. Randy will install (or more likely pay someone to install) a new black tank.

In the pantry is the original 1965 first aid kit!

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