First Half 2016

We begin every new year the same way by celebrating Kathy's birthday. On January 9th we went to the RV show at the Convention Center and then to Fogo de Chao for some seriously good steak / chicken / pork / etc.

The boys celebrated the day by meeting us after the RV show for dinner. Santi was a beast, rarely declining an offer from the gaucho wielding some tasty, perfectly cooked animal.

Kathy chose Creme Brulee as her complimentary birthday dessert, as did the rest of us.

Since birthdays in our home are never limited to just one day, we celebrated again on January 10 with a Boston Creme Pie, Kathy's favorite.

Her wish made, Kathy prepares to blow out her candles.

The coolest RVs at the show were the ones that look decades old.

After the RV show we relaxed at Stout Street Social with some excellent raw oysters, roasted Brussels Sprouts, and of course, beer.

Beer, it's whats for dinner. So true!

Randy's birthday gift to Kathy is a 2015 Electra Gypsy 3-speed cruiser bike.

Very hippie-like detail on this bike. Perfect for Kathy.



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