Second Half 2015

During a late-July deck party with our neighbors, somehow we arrived on the subject of high school glory days. We decided to really re-live those days and try our letter jackets on. Still fitting pretty well, yes?

We enjoyed a Saturday downtown on the 16th Street Mall.

Kathy does like her Fluevogs, especially when they have a sale. Randy acquired his first pair of Fluevogs during a Summer downtown dinner date with Kathy (duh).

Where do you go when you want to sit in a comfortable chair and drink a cold beer?
AFW, of course!

In late August it was time to send Santi off to UW. This photo captures the last moment his car was clean.

Santi unloads his belongings from Kathy's X1.

McIntyre Hall is Santi's home for his freshman year.

Randy says, "Santi, put the phone away and make conversation to your left."

All moved in.

We returned to UW for Parent's Weekend 6 weeks later. Dede and Mamaw joined us.

That's a lotta brown and yella.

Betty and Kathy cheering on the Cowboys as they take on New Mexico. Yes, the Pokes lost pretty bad.

It was super hot at the football game. Dede could not wear her UW shirt any longer. 



JP and Randy saw this really cool 1981 Delorean with only 8,000 miles for sale in Castle Rock. I did not have a spare $30,000 laying around so it quickly sold to someone else.

In late October, Randy was sent to Canada on business. This is the BOW located in downtown Calgary.

Very cool metal sculpture out front.

Look at this! What a deal for monthly parking in downtown Calgary!

For Halloween, Kathy was Super Principal. What do I need to do to get rescued by this girl?


We celebrated our three year anniversary of meeting each other with a date downtown complete with an overnight stay at Denver's newest boutique hotel, The Art, a Hotel. Throughout the hotel (and in every room) are commissioned artworks. This metal sculpture is just inside the main street-level entrance.

We had a good time at Kathy's year-end celebration for her school.

On ugly Christmas sweater day at work, Randy and his boss were top two for tackiness.

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