Second Half 2014

Julian and Rosana and their three kids Ada, Iona, and Quim came to visit us from Spain for a few days before they got settled in Vail. Rosana was awarded a first grade Spanish teaching position there.

Iona and Ada had fun at the community pool.


A trip to Smart Cow was a nice treat.

On the last day, Kathy and I treated to breakfast at Pegasus in Castle Rock. Iona was excited that her plate came with lots of bacon!


Julian and Ada prepare to enjoy breakfast.

Kathy wanted to take the girls for a ride in her bug.


Look at all the ladies cruising in the bug!


Randys holds Quim ("keem") in between grilling steak and having dinner outside on our deck.

Kathy and I ran Skirt Chaser for the first time together. Do you see us in the group photo?

Zoom in.

Kathy leads the pack of lady racers. The women get a 3-minute head-start before the boys start. 80 women signed up this year.

Randy and 30 of his brothers hang out at the starting line waiting for 3 minutes to pass. Then the chase begins.

Randy pulls away from the crowd early to catch Kathy before anyone else does. She was the best-looking girl at the event so Randy needed to run very fast.

Success! Randy caught Kathy just in time!

After the race we partied in the Marriott. The air-conditioning and cold beers were welcome relief from the 93 degree heat during the race.

Dede had hoped to run this race as well but she fell ill the night before. We figured that using her drink tickets after we spent ours would be OK.

No Skirt Chaser event is complete without multiple rounds of Twister.

No idea why this guy is smiling. Wait...Oh, ok. Never mind.

One of Kathy's favorite beers is Dry Dock Apricot Blonde. Doesn't Kathy resemble the girl on the label? Randy thinks so. 

We took a beautiful late Summer ride to Colorado Springs. We stopped for lunch in the new and improved downtown area. Many new cool restaurants and bars to visit. And what a super-stylish biker girl wearing those half leather, half denim pants! Wow!

We were shopping together at Banana Republic one evening when a somewhat good-looking girl walked by. What was she wearing? The dress you see above. Randy asked her where she found it and promptly grabbed one for Kathy. Good job, Randy!

Yep...Randy takes all the credit for this.

We had a baby...of Brussels Sprouts. Found at Trader Joe's.

To celebrate our one-year Marriage anniversary on December 6, Kathy took Randy to the Old Stone Church for happy hour and then dinner. After getting married at the Douglas County Clerk's office last year, our first stop was the Old Stone Church, so we came back exactly one year later.

Selfie while having a great dinner at the Old Stone Church. Kathy had a T-bone while Randy chose the Lamb Shank. Both excellent and great portion sizes.

Kathy's favorite beverage at the Old Stone Church is the Blackberry Mule.
Their recipe is:

1 oz. Kessler Bourbon
1 1/2 oz. Leopold Brothers Rocky Mountain Blackberry Liqueur
1/2 oz. lemon juice (seems like a lot...use less to your taste)
Top off the stainless steel (ideally copper) mug with Ginger Beer.

I don't know if these are tasty or not, but since Kathy drank three they must be alright.

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